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Symbol Photography Reviews Symbol Photography Reviews Sayjal Santosh

As a person in the wedding industry, we are used to seeing weddings on a daily basis and unfortunately at times weddings can start to look similar. When I first saw Symbol's work about 5 years ago, I knew that they would be my wedding photographer when that day came for me. A few years ago, my cousin was getting married and reached out to me for wedding vendor help and I eagerly shared my photographer with her and we both discussed how different and unique their pictures looked. The use of light to capture the moment invoked feelings of love and happiness and passion that I hadn’t seen before in wedding photos. I fell in love with their style and how they incorporated lighting and landscape into their photography. When I first met with Brendan to discuss my wedding he sat back and listened to all my ideas and shared his albums with me. At first, I didn't pay much attention to the albums, but I'm sure glad I looked through 3-4 of them to ensure that each of his events looked and felt different. The albums inspired some new ideas for photos for our engagement shoot and wedding. We started with planning our engagement shoot, I had a list of 7-8 concepts with locations in mind (with just as many wardrobe changes) and Brendan was just as excited as I was. Brendan gave us some amazing suggestions and the canoe shots were all due to his vision! It took me about a month to logistically figure out all the outfits and just as long for Brendan and I to plan out the day with each concept. Santosh and I were blown away with the pictures, not because it was us in them, but because he handed us art work! The photos were amazing their artistic approach lends itself to magazine worthy photos. I was at a loss for words, which is not something that happens to me often. Brendan is a master at the use of light in photos, how he positions you just so to get the perfect shot. The only trouble that we had was that we had so many wonderful pictures to choose from to put up at our wedding. We decided to distribute pictures between our home and both our parents homes to maximize on these beautiful pictures. Our guests were amazed at the pictures and showered us with compliments. Our wedding photos were just as stunning, and took us 3 months with a long spreadsheet with timings and locations and 75+ people to organize. The ideas that Brendan had were so fantastic that waking up at 4:15 was fine by me! Our photos were the priority for our wedding and Brendan and Thuy were able to capture our day with posed portraits as well as lovely candids that shared the emotions of our day. They were very considerate of our guests and did not obstruct their view at any point. They are professionals as they work with your throughout the day and you see that they are just as invested as you are to capture your wedding day. Our only regret is that we didn't get a picture with the both of them for our album. We both know that we have found the photography to capture all of our moments for the rest of our lives. Link to their wedding.

Symbol Photography Reviews Krystal Paul

Brendan did more than just being a hire photographer. Instead of being a photographer on my wedding day, he became a friend. He assisted me and my fellow members of the wedding party with putting on the boutineer and helping with the ties. He was cordial with others (close friends and other family members) when taking up their own pictures with their own camera. In fact, his second photographer Thuy was very nice in helping taking pictures with some of my friends cameras for them. We absolutely loved the photographs!! Link to their wedding.

Symbol Photography Reviews Niki Vimal

Symbol Photography were very professional and proactive on finding unique spots for the couple to photograph at. Their creative approach at photographing is amazing! Link to their wedding.

Symbol Photography Reviews Jolene Chris

I absolutely loved Brendan and his team. Brendan was great in every way: professional, creative, candid, attentive, personable, and was always quick to respond.. Also, his pricing is some of the best that I saw when researching wedding photographers. I met with several others and he definitely offered the most bang for your buck. One thing you'll learn, is that Brendan's creativity really separates him from other photographers. He really aims to get you and future hubby in some unique shots that no one else has. He truly has an eye for what would look good. My husband and I did our engagement shots with Brendan as well. Brendan was very open to what we wanted to do and also offered up a ton of other suggestions as well. The day of our engagement shoot, we had just one place where we HAD to take shots and other than that, I left it up to Brendan on where to decide what would look best. Giving him that trust paid off, we had shots in places I would have never thought of and everyone loved our pictures. When it came time for the wedding, I again let Brendan know the shots I wanted, and other than that, he gave me the ideas of where to go and what to do. Never once did he say, "no we should not do that" if I suggested something. And if I didn't want to do something that he suggested, he would simply just say, "OK, why don't we try this then". It really made the photography piece of the wedding seem the easiest. Leading up to your wedding is going to be so hectic, the last thing you need to worry about, is what kind of poses do I/we need to do, and will everything be captured, and will my photographer drive me to places that I want to go, and have a plan ironed out to the minute of what he will do that day of....and with Brendan he has that all taken care of. He really did his job, not because he was getting paid to, but because you could tell he really loves photography and making you happy and fully satisfied with your pictures because this is such a special day for you. My husband and I are so satisfied with Brendan that we already know once we decide to have a family, we will call Brendan for our baby's pictures! I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other specific questions, I'd be glad to answer them. If you'd like to see my online gallery as well, just let me know, I don't mind sharing. I know choosing a wedding photographer is a HUGE deal because they will be taking the pictures of one of the most important special moments of your life, so you want them to be perfect! I truly do believe you'll be in good hands with Brendan! Link to their wedding.

Symbol Photography Reviews Anjali Arjun

We loved the dramatic effect and flawless faces that you captured, all of our guests had nothing but wonderful things to say about the enlarged photos at our reception, and we thought you did a great job capturing the event! Thank you! Link to their wedding.

Symbol Photography Reviews Kendra Joe

We wanted to send our thanks once again, for shooting our wedding day. We are so happy with our pictures and our apartment is filled with them! One of our favorite shots is in the gazebo at night. :) You might see our faces soon for a newborn shoot, we are expecting in June. Thanks again!

Symbol Photography Reviews Andrea Jared

I sincerely wish to thank you both for taking such awesome shots of Jared and Andrea. You are the ones that captured and sealed their memories of a wondering wedding. They were both so happy and you can still see it in the photos.We have received so many compliments, especially the ones where you took them around town near the stables. I can't tell you how many people said 'This is like a Ralph Lauren ad.' Cheers!

Symbol Photography Reviews Megan Sree

Thank you so much for all your hard work. Your really captured the feelings and emotions of the day. We love the photographs and have received amazing comments about them. It was such a pleasure to work with you both, with much appreciation. Megan and Sree

I was lucky enough to find an add for Symbol Photography on Craiglist during an intense search for the perfect photographer (or photographers in this case) last year. I remember looking at their website and just knowing that they were IT! I wanted them! I sent Brendan an email and I remember him responding almost immediately! He was able to provide answers to all of my "new bride" questions and craziness. The wedding day came and their personalities were just as fun, awesome, and beautiful as the photographs that they took! Every single person in my wedding party as well as the guests took the time to tell me how "remarkable" they thought my photographers were. Every person in every picture was unposed! There was never a "everyone line up and smile" moment! It was incredible! When I received the disk of all of the pictures I was not surprised of how great they came out. Many people said they looked like the were pulled out of a magazine! Now I am able to have pictures of one of the most important days in my life and not have to hide them in a drawer somewhere. THANK YOU BRENDAN!!! The Fantastic Duo! I would recommend them for any occasion! They bring something special to the table!

Sheena & Joe Bannon

Where to begin? I know, with love. I love them. Symbol Photography are extremely talented photographers, that is a given. Just take a look at their portfolio and it is obvious. What sets them apart for me though is that they are wonderful people. They will be just as excited if not even more so than you are about your event/life/family. They bring warmth and caring to their work and as a client you are a benefactor of that. If you are getting married, the people that you want to depend on are your photographers. They need to be there not only physically but also mentally and emotionally. They have to show up on time and prepared and of course they have to cheer you on. They kind of have to love you too (or at least for the event). That's them!?

Kanasha & Dayo Ibrahim

I got married in Aug. and the day was humid and hot. All I could think of was how awful I was going to look due to the heat. I was certain the pictures would show the flaws but to my amazement, the pictures came out great! The results were pretty amazing considering the day we had. Nat and Brendan did a wonderful job. If you know me.. you'd know that I pretty much hate being photographed... but somehow "Symbol" made me at ease.. and it showed from the pictures. I had an awesome experience working with Symbol Photography and would most certainly recommend them to anyone I know that needs that "perfect" snapshot.

Thank You Guys! Keep up the great work!

Konnie-Khounie Lau

I can't say enough good things about Symbol Photography. At the beginning of the wedding planning process I was completely overwhelmed, signing with Symbol Photography was a complete "no brain-er". After looking at their portfolio I was hooked, I knew I would get great wedding pictures. But the part that I didn't expect was what great people they are.

As a girl, your wedding day is one of the most exciting and nerve racking days of your life. Brendan completely put me and my husband at ease. Not only are they funny and easy to talk to but these two truly are the ultimate professionals when it comes to photography. They calmly drove us around the city to different locations that they picked out ahead of time, and the pictures that resulted were jaw dropping.

I would absolutely recommend Symbol to everyone I know. They're work was a dream come true!

Rachael Tirado

Brendan was absolutely fantastic. My wife found them on the web due to their type of photography, photo-journalistic. We checked out their website and just loved the style of it all. It was also very important to us to make sure we got to keep all the photos they took, as opposed to having to buy them individually.

After our first meeting, we knew we hit the jackpot and we could cross off photographers(s) from our list. They were extremely professional, went over all the details with us and explained our options. They were super friendly and we could tell exactly the type of vendors we wanted at our wedding! We did the engagement pictures with them and that furthered our confidence in our decision. They had great ideas to get those perfect shots. We loved how they were able to 'pose' us to get the photos we were looking for. We got so many compliments on how friendly and fun they were from our guests!

If you are looking for two wonderful, talented pros to photograph your event, look no further, symbol photography is tops!

Keith Laface

We worked with Symbol for our wedding photos and love the results. Symbol Photography were very easy to work with, and I was extremely impressed with their communications. We put together our wedding quickly (engaged for 3.5 months), so we basically all of our decisions (location, exact timing, etc) were made last minute which didn't seem to phase them at all. We communicated often via email as the date neared, and they certainly put me at ease by responding quickly and with excitement. On our wedding day, they were very flexible, fun, and non-intrusive, but set up great shots. Thanks again!

Kim Green

I can't say enough about Symbol Photography.

I searched on-line for photographers near Boston and was lucky enough to come across their portfolio (which I LOVED). My fianc� (now husband!) and I made arrangements long distance, so we didn't meet Brendan until the day of the ceremony. They were fantastic. They were very fun and friendly. Most importantly, they made us comfortable having cameras aimed at us! They knew how to get the right expressions from us and had some fantastic ideas for places to shoot. They processed the photos very quickly and we were able to share them very soon after our ceremony (which was important since we eloped!).

I can't even count how many compliments we've gotten on the photos. For example, last night I met a women who works with my husband and the first words out of her mouth were, "Nice to meet you and congratulations! I love your wedding photos!!"

I'm trying to think of reasons to go to Boston every few years for more pictures (if or when I'm pregnant, and we have a baby...). I highly, highly recommend them.

No one can believe how affordable they were. If I were you, I'd book now, before they catch on and the prices go up!!!

Erica Rauscher

Symbol's pictures are true pieces of art. We worked with Symbol Photography for our engagement pictures this week and have been floored with the quality and thoughtfulness of their work.

What more can you ask for in your photographers?

  • creative - check
  • patient - check
  • responsive - check
  • great eyes - check
  • knowledgeable (of photography / the city) - check
  • personality (in a good way) - check

These guys make a great team and if you've seen their work you'll feel the same way.

Niraj Zaveri

I had my maternity photos done by Symbol and I would highly recommend Brendan for any photography needs. I had a great experience with them very professional and boy what good eyes for setting up a shot. I was so impressed with the end result. I can't wait to have them do a photo shoot with the baby on the way!

Sarah York

Hi Brendan,
The moment I received the email on my blackberry kimwanna and I we rushed to our computer to look at our pictures because we knew you guys would deliver. Words cannot describe how much we love our pictures. We stayed up until about 1am just starring in awe, I had to wait until today to reply because I was speechless last night, and I couldn't put my thoughts into real words. The pictures look like they came right out of a magazine. We can't thank you guys enough for everything. From this day on you will no longer be referred to as our wedding photographers but our "Angels with cameras". Because we truly believe that you were sent from heaven, and you guys had Halos above your heads that Friday but it was just so hot and we didn't notice... and I have a feeling you are going to be in our lives for a long time to come. 
Mr. & Mrs. Devonish

Stephanie Devonish

My wife and I researched a large number of Boston area photographers. We didn't want a massive budget, but we knew we wanted nice wedding photos.
After meeting with Brendan we were both sold on going with them for our wedding photos. They came up with a lot of creative ideas for photos and they all turned out amazingly well.
Since the wedding I've received an amazing number of comments about how our wedding photos are the best they've seen.
If we ever need photos again I intend to go with Symbol Photography.
By the way, check out our wedding photos and judge for yourself: Our wedding site

Robert Schultz

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